CECTON Workshop Programme

Friday 9th April 2021

NB All times are British Summer Time (BST)

2.30pm: testing and troubleshooting

3pm: Welcome and introductions

3.30pm: discussion drawing on Mulich, ‘Introduction’ to In a Sea of Empires: Networks and Crossings in the Revolutionary Caribbean
Topics to include: researching the Caribbean, Caribbean networks, inter-imperial relations, periodization and regional / micro-regional approaches

Short break

4.30pm: discussion drawing on Cooper and Stoler, ‘Between Metropole and Colony: Rethinking a Research Agenda’ (introduction to Tensions of Empire: Colonial Cultures in a Bourgeois World)
Topics to include: the relationship between metropole and colony, dichotomies, categories and classification, using the colonial archive

5.30pm: end


Saturday 10th April 2021

3pm: discussion drawing on Dutt, ‘Rethinking Categories of Theatre and Performance: Archive, scholarship, and practices (a post-colonial Indian perspective)’ (from Routledge Companion to Theatre and Performance Historiography)
Topics to include: the differences between theatre and performance, historicization, local and colonial practice, studying the colonial-era from a post-colonial perspective

Short break

4.15pm: discussion drawing on Davis, ‘The Context Problem’ (Theatre Survey)
Topics to include: historical performance, filling in the gaps, the problem of reception, academic priorities

5pm: discussion of next steps

5.30pm: end