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CECTON conference: 26-28 of August 2021

Researching Colonial-Era Caribbean Theatre and Opera:
Challenges and Methodologies


Thursday 26th August 2021

3pm: arrival and welcome

3.15pm-4.00pm: Studying the Colonial Caribbean: Combining Geographical and Imperial Approaches (Dexnell Peters)

4.00pm-4.45pm: Crossing the Linguistic Proscenium: Challenges of Linguistic Aptitude and Translation in Colonial-Era Caribbean Theatre Research (Susan Thomas)

4.45pm-5pm: break

5pm-5.45pm: Silences in the Archive: the revival of John Fawcett’s colonial-era Obi; or Three-Finger’d Jack in Kingston, Jamaica, in 1862 (Jenna Gibbs)


Friday 27th August 2021

3pm-3.45pm: Using Military Documents to Study Theatre in Colonial-Era Saint-Domingue (Logan Connors)

3.45pm-4.30pm: Problems of Comparison: National Approaches to Caribbean Blackface (Jill Lane)

4.30pm-5pm: break

5pm-5.45pm: From Metropole to Colony: Harlequin Travels to Suriname (Sarah Adams)

5.45pm-6.30pm: Constructions of “Race” in the Musico-Theatrical Contexts of Eighteenth-Century Kingston (Wayne Weaver)


Saturday 28th August 2021

3pm-3.45pm: Colonial-Era Theatre and the Enslaved Population: Uncovering Hidden Connections in Saint-Domingue (Julia Prest)

3.45pm-4.30pm: Using Academic Research to Create New Theatre (Flavia d’Avila with Jaïrus Obayome and Catherine Bisset)

4.30pm-4.45pm: break

4.45pm-5.15pm: discussion of next steps


Past events

CECTON Workshop
9-10 April 2021